Twitter now filters DMs from people we don’t know

Twitter now combined a new underline to Direct Messages that will sort them into “Inbox” and “Requests.” The latter will enclose DMs from people we do not now follow, if we have opted to keep your DM open in a initial place. You can preview a summary and select to strike accept or delete. Accepting a summary will concede that user to continue summary we in a destiny though removing sorted into a ask tab. The sender will not know either or not you’ve seen their summary until we strike accept.

We gave this a discerning spin and it looks like Twitter is still rolling a underline out — when we perceived a summary from someone we didn’t follow, my Android app did not warning me with a pull presentation or a new summary when we comparison a Messages tab. On a web chronicle of Twitter, however, there was a badge presentation for a new message, though no Requests tab.

Whenever it entirely rolls out, a underline is clearly nonetheless another approach Twitter is attempting to tackle intensity abuse on a platform. But if we don’t compensate attention, your Requests add-on might shortly demeanour like a Other inbox on Facebook (now also called Message Requests), which, for me, is usually a sea of messages in bottles that clearly never reached a shore.

Oops! So sorry, my dude.

Basically, it’s good news to people who get too many messages and like to keep their presentation badges privileged — though not as good if you’re musing and usually notice new messages when it’s approach too late.

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