Sonic Mania gets an Aug recover date and an adorably charcterised trailer

Sonic Mania has a new trailer that shows off even some-more of a arriving retro-styled game. It also finally announced a recover date: Aug 15th.

The trailer is bookended by some charming, clearly hand-drawn animation of Sonic, before slicing to some sharp gameplay footage of a blue hedgehog doing what he does best — using during breakneck speed by branching levels while viciously stomping a life out of darling robots.

While Mania might demeanour like a classical Sonic game, a revealing hints of a some-more absolute complicated hardware are manifest in some visible flourishes, such as a dissolving silt loop and a ruinous counterpart shards. Even with a prolonged hype cycle and a story of beating that is partial and parcel with new Sonic games, it unequivocally does demeanour like Mania may be a a entrance fans have been seeking for given Sonic CD.

Mania was initial scheduled to recover progressing in a open before removing delayed behind in March. We’ll find out if it was value a wait in only a few months.

Sonic Mania will be accessible on a Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC on Aug 15th.

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