Someone stranded a Vive controller to a worker and done some really costly doodles

Tilt Brush is arrange of like imagination MS Paint for practical reality. It fosters creativity, permitting we to paint, smear, and dab pleasing (or in my case, arrange of okay) works in a 3D space. Traditionally, artists use their hands to qualification their VR art. But drones aren’t a bad choice either.

On Twitter, Jaymis Loveday posted a video of himself navigating a worker to paint in a HTC Vive’s chronicle of Tilt Brush. The video creates a churned existence effect, wherein a earthy worker appears to be portrayal pleasing swatches of tone around midair.

Loveday has played with worker paintings before with some flattering considerable results. This video, posted to Vimeo, has a aloft peculiarity proof than his twitter (though it would seem his portrayal skills have softened utterly a bit).

The Tilt Brush village has combined some truly superb art we can find online, from re-creations of Iron Man and The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask to original work.

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