Samsung’s New iPad Pro Is Just Fantastic

All images: Alex Cranz/Gizmodo

Coming a year after a launch of Apple’s initial 9.7-inch iPad Pro, a new iteration from Samsung feels daring. While it has a same neat lines, is usually as light, and possesses a captivating tie on one side for easy keyboard cover attachment, Samsung’s iPad Pro for 2017 is, inexplicably called a Galaxy Tab S3, and distinct prior iPads this one runs on Android.

Technically, if we wish to be “accurate” this is not an iPad Pro, though Samsung’s initial reward Android inscription in over a year. In 2015 Android arrange of mislaid a inscription fight it had waged opposite iOS. While Google’s mobile OS manners a bill roost
thanks to a inexpensive Kindle Fire
, no one has unequivocally voiced a enterprise for a $600 media expenditure appurtenance regulating tiny immature droid brains. Heck, during this point
people don’t even buy iPads any more
. The people who wish tablets have them already.

The disproportion is distance is very…small.

Samsung’s anticipating it can change people’s minds with a glossy new device that usually happens to unclothed a conspicuous similarity to a stream bestselling reward tablet, a iPad. It’s usually a hundredth of a bruise lighter than a allied iPad, reduction than a tenth of an in. shorter, and both inclination are usually .24 inches thick. They’re both also $600 for a 32GB version, and they hoop all from sketch to fast created screeds on Facebook with 0 lag. Maybe Samsung considers a conspicuous similarities between a new product and final year’s iPad Pro to be a enrich to Apple, rather than a exposed bid for a share of a shrinking market. Though Apple,
and courts
, tend to disagree.

Some things are opposite about a dual tablets. Besides regulating Android Nougat instead of iOS 10, a Tab S3 has a Qualcomm 820 processor (which is theoretically slower than a 835 reportedly designed for a Galaxy S8 phone), comes in usually a 32GB version, and includes a good tiny coop for sketch on it’s admittedly colourful AMOLED display. As an Apple Pencil costs an additional $100, a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 feels like a bargain.

The VERY opposite captivating connectors for a iPad and Tabs S3 keyboard covers. The iPad is a one on a bottom.

Neither device includes a keyboard cover. Apple charges $150 for a cover and keyboard that feels like your typing on board layered of burble wrap. Samsung charges $130 for a keyboard and cover with chiclet character keys that are many some-more gratifying to form on. Though any pivotal is usually tiny adequate and placed usually infrequently adequate that we had to double triple quadruple spell check this examination while regulating it.

we was a tiny astounded during how accessible a Tab S3 was as a capability device. Android as an handling complement unequivocally doesn’t work in a inscription form. Only a smattering of apps are indeed optimized for a landscape mode we use tablets in. The OS has prolonged been for phones first, and tablets a distant, apart second. So being means to write adult this examination or tweak photos on a inscription was a pleasing surprise. Yet if we wish an tangible laptop-like knowledge from Android
you’re improved off going with a Chromebook instead
-as those are during slightest crafted with capability as a concentration instead of as a available bonus.

The large problem with a Galaxy Tabs S3, is that it is meant to exist in a same peculiar place as a iPad Pro. While it can assistance we holder out an email (or blog), or pull some good comic art, it essentially exists to devour media, not emanate it. That’s since a 2,048 x 1,536 arrangement supports
and since I’ve managed to go a week on a assign notwithstanding regulating it each night as we veg on a couch.

Past a iPad-like trappings, a Galaxy Tab S3 is, during a core, a supplemental computing device built for an assembly we don’t consider possibly Samsung or Apple utterly knows. This isn’t for business use, or as a primary device for students, or a prerequisite for artists. Its a pristine oppulance object Samsung and Apple like to insist we need even we’ve already got phones and laptops that do all a Tab S3 does. It’s what we buy since you’re sleepy of a mechanism on your path while we watch TV or we wish something light to lift on a craft for your subsequent outing out of town.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is unequivocally good during being a supplemental device. If we pennyless your iPad or finally saved adult adequate pennies to squeeze your initial reward inscription than a Tab S3 is a excellent $600 choice. It’s a $100 reduction than an iPad Pro and Pencil and a usually loyal downside is how tablet-unfriendly Android can spasmodic be. That’s a flattering dang teenager downside in my book. As iPad knock-offs go, a Galaxy Tab S3 reigns supreme.


  • It’s all we wish in a iPad Pro, though it runs Android
  • Android isn’t unequivocally accessible to tablets in landscape mode. Facebook looks nice, and we can coop a novel, though there isn’t a good Twitter app.
  • While a keyboard box costs $130 and has some keys placed in frustrating places, a Tab S3 includes a pen, creation a total package $100 reduction than a homogeneous with a iPad Pro.
  • Samsung continues to have one of a many colourful displays in a unstable space. Everything looks good on this Super AMOLED.
  • Do we unequivocally need a $600 inscription that essentially hangs out on a cot for late night mahjong sessions and discerning IMDB searches?

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