Report: Samsung competence shortly start production 7nm chips

South Korean smartphone builder Samsung is flourishing a 10nm prolongation line to make approach for a prolongation of new 7nm chipsets. According to a news by ET News, Samsung is investing a sum 8.5 trillion won in 10nm and 7nm prolongation lines. The setup will be built during 17 Line during a Hwasung-si facility.

Samsung expects to furnish an additional 18,000 10nm chipsets, by Q2 of this year with a 2.5 trillion won investment. Earlier, 17 Line was called ‘S3’ and it was used usually for a prolongation of complement semiconductors. However, after a code developed to start prolongation 3D NAND peep memories, DRAM and after 10nm semiconductors.

Samsung is approaching to use a 10nm design for a prolongation of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 chipset as good as a really possess Exynos 9 array chipsets. These processors will be used in a arriving Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

The rest 6 trillion won is being invested for a 7nm semiconductor prolongation line. Since a 17 Line is already totally loaded, a code is constructing new comforts to make a 7nm semiconductors.

Reports advise that a new setup is approaching to bombard out 30,000 7nm chipsets in a month, as a whole prolongation routine requires Extreme Ultra Violet equipment, creation a whole prolongation routine some-more costly than a 10nm process.

Samsung has systematic for 8 EUV bearing systems, any entrance with a cost tab of 250 billion won. Samsung skeleton to interpretation a 10nm prolongation investments by a second half of 2017, since a 7nm is set to interpretation by early 2019.

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