People Are Reprogramming a Galaxy S8’s Bixby Button Because It’s Currently Pointless

Image: Alex Cranz/ Gizmodo

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the
prettiest phones we can buy right now
, though it launched as a rather deficient product. Bixby, a phone’s new digital assistant,
doesn’t nonetheless have one if a pivotal features-voice recognition
. This accountability wouldn’t be so apparent if usually Samsung hadn’t enclosed a new symbol on a side of a phone meant to launch Bixby. Thanks to some artistic geekery, however, a clearly invalid symbol now has a purpose.


Crafty new owners of a Galaxy S8 are reprogramming a Bixby button to launch several apps, including opposition digital partner program like Google Now. There are several ways to do this, though a easiest by distant is by regulating apps like
Bixby Button Remapper
Goodbye Bixby
, and
Bixby Remap
-all of that are accessible for giveaway download in a Google Play Store.

The apps radically let we reprogram a Bixby symbol so that it can perform roughly any charge you’d like. That means that we can have it launch other apps, like a camera or flashlight-or we can do something as useful as reprogramming it to launch Google Now (not to be confused with
Google Assistant
, that is usually accessible on certain phones).

The programmer behind a Bixby Button Remapper told Gizmodo in an email that a app stemmed from a elementary need. “I primarily done a app because, well, we saw a need that wasn’t being met yet,” a programmer, who goes by Phascinate, explained. “Manufacturers do such a good pursuit on a hardware of phones these days, though infrequently make some really peculiar decisions when it comes to software.”


Contacted for criticism Samsung supposing a following statement:

With a intelligent interface and contextual awareness, Bixby will make your phone some-more useful by aiding in completing tasks, revelation we what you’re looking at, training your slight and remembering what we need to do. The Bixby symbol is dedicated to activating these features, starting with Bixby Home during launch and expanding to Bixby Voice after this Spring.

There we have it!



True to their hacker origins, a apps aren’t accurately pretty. They’re mostly ham-fisted experiments from developers that wanted to make use of a additional symbol on a Galaxy S8. The outline of the
Bixby Button Remapper
app, for example, says that it doesn’t indeed guard symbol presses on a phone. Instead, “it detects when a Hello Bixby app is on shade and now kills it and triggers whatever movement we set within a app.” The BixRemap app is equally as rudimentary, with a creator describing it as “[an app] designed in 20 minutes.”

There has been good understanding of seductiveness in reprogramming a Bixby symbol given day one. Popular tool reviewer Marques Brownlee (aka
) released an unaccepted plea to Android fans on launch day to anyone who was means to penetrate a Bixby symbol to launch a opposition partner product Google Assistant. The ability became probable in reduction than a week after his plea by the
All in One Gestures
app, though Samsung
eventually infirm a ability.


But utterly frankly, who can censure Galaxy S8 owners for wanting to get some-more application from a additional symbol on their phones? It’s totally reasonable to be undone by Samsung offered a phone for a minumum of
that isn’t even a finished product. Don’t forget: This is ostensible to be one of a best smartphones on a planet. It’s easy to know because people are so insane about this invalid button.

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