Flipp is a buttonless remote that connects to your speakers over Wi-Fi

Flipp is a Kickstarter plan with a singular goal: capacitate we to simply control your music. As a eager representation video points out, there are copiousness of intelligent home remotes that are packaged with tons of facilities for determining all sorts of things in your home — though sometimes, we usually wish a elementary approach to listen to music.

And things don’t get most easier than Flipp. It’s a roughly palm-sized front that does accurately 4 things: play / postponement music, control volume, skip songs, and skip playlists. Each of those actions is tied to a specific suit formed on that approach you’re holding Flipp. Rotate it with a speckled white face up, and we control volume. Flipping (get it?) it over to a black side while rotating it signals a remote to skip by songs on a playlist. Press and stagger to switch between opposite playlists. And press a remote once toggle play / postponement — no matter that side is up.

Flipp works by joining to an enclosed Flipp hub, that in spin connects to your speakers over Wi-Fi. It’s concordant with any Spotify Connect-powered orator or a Sonos system, and we can configure mixed remotes to control opposite speakers or a organisation of speakers as you’d like. (You’ll still usually need usually a one hub.) The remote afterwards connects to a heart over a 2.4GHz radio frequency, and is powered by a customary coin-cell battery that a association claims will final adult to dual years before wanting to be replaced.

It’s admittedly a elementary product from a functionality standpoint, though we unequivocally like a thought of Flipp. Sometimes, a singular device that does one thing unequivocally good is all we need — presumption Flipp indeed works as good as a video claims it does, anyway.

Flipp is a initial product from a new Scandinavian association called Synt, a startup that’s dedicated to formulating new connected device startups, like Flipp. That said, this is a initial product from a group, and it’s also being crowdfunded. So a common warnings do apply.

Synt is offered a Flipp set consisting of a singular remote and heart for an early-bird cost of $79, or $99 for after orders, with a designed Nov boat date.

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