Asus’ new Wi-Fi router looks like a Dyson bladeless fan

Asus, purveyor of a world’s excellent arachnid overlord wireless router designs, has left behind to a sketch house and come adult with a new demeanour that’s many friendlier to humans. The antenna-less Asus Blue Cave offers “smooth Wi-Fi [and] intelligent protection,” that in geekier terms means support for AC2600-class dual-band operation, powered by Intel’s latest Wi-Fi chipset, and Trend Micro insurance for “every connected intelligent device on a network, including IoT devices.” But unequivocally and truly, we’re all here for that “unique and appealing executive orifice that is bathed in peaceful blue light.”

While many other home Wi-Fi routers have started ancillary filigree networking, this new Asus indication is calm to usually offer a mobile app with granular user controls to pad out a “smart functionality” credentials. IFTTT support is a good extra, though.

Like James Dyson’s bladeless fans, Sonos’s Sub subwoofer, and Paris’ architectural centerpiece called La Grande Arche de la Défense, a Asus Blue Cave has a hole in a middle. And like any of those things, it looks uncanny and quirky and cold since of that hole. I’m reluctant to call it possibly an orifice or a cave, though I’m peaceful to be intrigued — that is apparently a view common by reporters during Asus’ Computex eventuality today, where my co-worker Sam Byford reports they flocked to sketch and record this rare small box of Wi-Fi. Engadget suggests that a cost for a Asus Blue Cave will be around $180, though in classical Asus fashion, there’s no word nonetheless on when it’ll be available.

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