Andy Rubin’s Essential is looking into intelligent eyeglasses with built-in camera

Essential, a new hardware outfit from Android co-founder Andy Rubin, might bend out from phones and intelligent home accessories into Google Glass-like intelligent frames. An aged obvious filing, dug adult by a folks during Patently Apple and postulated prior to a large phone exhibit this week, show a judgment device made like a customary span of eyeglasses, though with camera and arrangement hardware built in.

Much like Snapchat’s Spectacles, this fanciful Essential device would be used to constraint eye-level print and video with a built-in camera. However it would go further, some-more in a capillary of Google’s luckless Glass headset, by adding digital information and images to genuine life scenes with some form of protracted existence tech. The filing describes a device operative with medication lenses, print supportive lenses, and customary sunglass lenses. There is also speak of a “dual-mode display,” that would benefaction visible overlays and use an central confronting camera to perform eye tracking.

Photo: Patently Apple

The obvious also describes AR use cases like real-time cost relating of products in a store. “Based on a sourroundings that a user sees, and formed on a instruction of a user’s gaze, a processor can arrangement an picture to enlarge a sourroundings around a user,” a filing reads. “For example, if a user is looking during a barcode of an item, a processor can arrangement cheaper purchasing options of a same item.”

This is of march not a genuine product, during slightest not yet. Though from what we’ve seen from Essential, that starts shipping a new Essential Phone after this month or early July, it’s transparent a association has critical hardware ambitions to take on a biggest players in a tech industry. We don’t know utterly nonetheless either a Essential Phone can keep gait with a iPhone or a associate top-tier Android competitors, nor do we know if a company’s Essential Home will be a viable intelligent orator compared with offerings from Google and Amazon. But if Essential can arrive early to a intelligent eyeglasses market, it could only benefit an early corner in a zone not nonetheless dominated by a large Silicon Valley player.

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